The Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR)

This is the Official web site of CCCR - The Community Chess Club of Rochester. Our fine chess club has been hosting chess players for over 50 years. During this time, thousands of USCF-rated chess games have been played, and countless unrated chess games have been played (e.g. Blitz, Simultaneous exhibitions, etc.). Weekly club meetings are held at the Rochester Chess Center located at 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610; Phone: (585) 442-2430. We welcome all chess players & curious visitors. Currently, we have chess players of all ages with USCF ratings from beginner to Master strength. All are welcome. Thanks for visiting!

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Our chess club members want to personally welcome you to our Worldwide Internet Site. The mission of this web site is to inform you about our chess club and welcome you to join us. We hope you will stop by the Rochester Chess Center to say hello. Feel free to contact the Rochester Chess Center at 585-442-2430 for more information about our chess club and the many other events taking place at the Chess Center and around Rochester, New York.

It's easy to find the Rochester Chess Center. We are just down the road from Cobbs Hill Park and the I-490 expressway. Get directions:

CCCR Organization: President: Don Stubblebine    Vice President: Ken McBride    Treasurer & Webmaster: Mike Lionti    Officers: Mike Runnells & David Worl

Owner and tournament organizer for the Rochester Chess Center: Ron Lohrman

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Chess Equipment at the Rochester Chess Center and Online Store

The Rochester Chess Center - 24 years of business serving the Chess Community. Offerings include a wide selection of Chess Equipment: Chess Sets, Chess Boards, Folding Chess Boards w/ Sets, Chess Awards, Chess DVD's, Chess Software, Chess Books, Chess Clocks, Plastic Playing Cards, Cribbage, Chess Clubs & Schools. The Rochester Chess Center's trained instructors teach on site & in schools around the greater Rochester area.

Their knowledge gained from teaching chess helps to provide the best selection of chess equipment possible. The Rochester Chess Center run Chess tournaments during the year & are one of the leading tournament sellers in the Nation (both Scholastic and Adult). The Rochester Chess Center is an active USCF affiliate. This web store is used to promote Chess & traditional gaming play around the world. Store located at 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, NY 14610. Also, 1-800-on-chess. Visit the online store at the link below.

The Community Chess Club of Rochester (CCCR)

To contact us, call the Rochester Chess Center at (585) 442-2430