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CCCR would like to Welcome you to the (C)ommunity (C)hess (C)lub of (R)ochester's Web Site!

CCCR plays a weekly USCF-rated open tournament on Wednesday evenings at the Rochester Chess Center, 221 Norris Drive, Rochester, New York 14610. (585) 442-2430. The time control is G/80d5 (80 minutes with 5 second delay using a digital clock). The Chess Center supplies the chess sets and some clocks for the tournament. Chess equipment... sets, boards, clocks, score books, chess books, chess DVDs, etc. are available for sale on-site at the Chess Center.

What are the THREE things you need to do to play chess with the Community Chess Club? First, come to the Rochester Chess Center! Second, join the United States Chess Federation (USCF)! Third, show up any Wednesday night during the early part of registration (6:30pm - 7:00pm) so our friendly staff can meet you and assist you in filling out necessary paperwork to get you registered for the chess tournament!

If you are wondering how you can play your first chess game with the Community Chess Club, here's how: Stop by the Rochester Chess Center so that any one of the Rochester Chess Center's tournament directors can provide you with a USCF membership form and help you determine the membership level that is right for you. Then you can fill out the USCF membership form to join the USCF (United States Chess Federation) which is paid annually. The fee to become a member of the USCF is based on your age (there are discounted rates for scholastic players, seniors, etc.) and whether you wish to receive a physical copy of the monthly Chess Magazine "CHESS LIFE" (published by the USCF) delivered to your home address. The fee for the annual USCF membership is between $13 and $49. By joining the USCF, you become eligible to play chess in clubs and tournaments in the United States that are affiliated with the USCF (subject to any club/tournament entry pre-requisites). Finally, the Community Chess Club ENTRY FEE is paid whenever you choose to play chess with our chess club on a Wednesday evening. The chess club entry fee for the evening will be $5. The Community Chess Club is a registered affiliate of the USCF and has the authority and permission to run USCF-rated chess tournaments.

How much did you say? Here's an example... A scholastic player joins the USCF ($13) and registers for the Wednesday night chess tournament ($5). The USCF membership is for one year, and the entry fee is only for that chess tournament. Total cost is $18. On the following week, the same player will pay just $5 for the entry fee since the USCF membership has already been paid.

Are you NEW to chess? Or, maybe you are an EXPERT or MASTER-level chess player? Maybe you have a high ONLINE chess rating... Or, maybe you used to play chess and are returning to the great game now that you've retired... We can accommodate you! Our club has players that are relatively new to chess, expert players and even the 2018 New York State Chess Champion (Senior Master Lev Paciorkowski)! We will set you up with a chess game that fits your level of play. As you win games and your chess rating goes up, you will be assigned opponents with a higher playing strength, and vice versa. Do you need some help analyzing your chess games? We have talented chess teachers and coaches! A lot of folks play online. That's fine. Online chess is OK, but over the board chess with another human being is the best! You will have fun and make life-long friends at the Rochester Chess Center!

There are snacks and beverages sold at the Chess Center for your convenience and enjoyment. The Chess Center is a wonderful place to gather with new and old friends for a game of chess.

Individual CCCR membership is $25 for 12 months. The family rate is $35 for all family members living in the same household. For CCCR members, dues (entry fees) are $3 each Wednesday evening that you play. When you join the club at the full membership rate (Individual $25 or Family rate $35), your first Wednesday is free (you save $3 as your entry fee is waived). CCCR memberships are not pro-rated. Example: Join on June 1, 2013 and your membership expires on May 31st, 2014. Non-members can play for $5 per evening. USCF membership (levels vary from $8 to $46) is required for rated game playing, and can be purchased at the chess center.

In the great tradition of fine chess tournaments (CCCR is the founder of the Marchand Chess Tournament), we present the annual CCCR Club Championship, open exclusively to CCCR club members. To be eligible for the annual CCCR Club Championship, chess players must play a minimum of 6 Wednesday evenings as a club member a week prior to the CCCR Championship. The annual CCCR Championship is a super chess tournament: Great door prizes, many class prizes, food & desserts provided that the players rave about, and a great time playing chess among friends. For the last several years, the CCCR Club Championship has been the second biggest chess tournament (by number of entries) next to the Marchand.

We have an annual club meeting every December. This is an opportunity to look back, and look ahead to how things are going with the chess club.

If you are new to chess, a beginner, or an advanced player, please stop by for a visit. Chess players arrive at the Chess Center starting at about 6:30pm. Registration ends at 7:20pm. Games begin promptly at 7:30pm. Please call ahead at 585-442-2430 or register in-person no later than 7:20pm to join the tournament. If you'd like to stop by for a visit, try to stop by early - perhaps 6:30pm if possible. We can get acquainted and talk with you about chess, our club and the Rochester Chess Center's over-the-board chess schedule. There are additional rooms at the Chess Center which you can use to analyze games and talk about chess without disturbing games in-progress. There are enough boards, but not always enough clocks. If you have a clock, please bring it. If you have a special chess board you'd like to use, bring it too for luck!

When you come to our club, you can participate in discussions about chess and everything under the sun. You can learn CCCR's rich chess history in Rochester which began as the Rochester Chess and Checkers Club.

IT'S YOUR MOVE! We have provided an introduction here. Now it's up to YOU to visit us at the Rochester Chess Center!

Club Member benefits include:

Qualify for the CCCR "Club" Championship usually held in October. Members enjoy a low entry fee for the championship tournament and great prizes are awarded.
Get reduced entry fees for Special Events such as our very popular chess simultaneous usually held in June.
Enjoy several pre-game parties when awards are given to celebrate achievements by club members.
Have the opportunity to contribute ideas about chess with fellow chess enthusiasts.
Experience Wendy's chili night (1844 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14610): The last Wednesday of every month: Save $2 on your entry fee when you join us at the Wendys restaurant for our informal club gathering, prior to our chess games at the Rochester Chess Center. Folks usually begin arriving at Wendys around 6pm, and then head over to the chess center by around 7pm. If you are running late, please call the Chess Center to register.
Play against a wide variety of player strengths & experience.
Find out about local and national chess tournaments. Sign-up to travel together with fellow chess players. The Chess Center often provides transportation to nearby tournaments for a small fee. These include the Can-Am in Buffalo, Arkport, and the New York State Championship in Albany.
Get recommendations from club members for improving your chess skills. Get recommendations for chess books, chess DVDs, and chess lessons. The Chess Center has excellent instructors.
The fun of playing chess and being part of a great club!

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